Jordana Jacobs, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

My goal as a clinician is to help my patients feel free.  I cultivate a safe and comfortable environment for them to bring their whole selves into treatment, as they are. Together, we work to identify the ways in which they feel stuck and shift unhealthy patterns that keep them from moving forward.

Whether it be for an acute issue or chronic stress, for symptom management or general exploration, I help my patients both accept their authentic selves and also courageously change that which no longer serves them. It is through this process that I believe they begin to better know who they are, identify what they want, and lead richer, more meaningful lives.


I’m a therapist in private practice in New York City



"What makes Dr. Jacobs unique is not in how you feel one hour after you meet with her, but how you feel ten days after meeting with her. That is to say, she doesn't just help you feel better in the short term, but she really gives you the tools so that you can actually help yourself in the long term. Dr. Jacobs never pretended that my problems were not problems. Instead, she helped me to clarify why my problems were problems, and how I had the capability to address them. She opened my eyes to how I could take control in a lot of situations where I had given up all responsibility. A session with Dr. Jacobs is not a vacation. It is an exciting, challenging, stimulating experience, and each time I met with her that I took away ideas that I personally could apply to my own life. I didn't go to Dr. Jacobs to temporarily feel better; I went to challenge myself and push for growth. I couldn't have gone to a better person." - Former patient